Rubber Stamping Organization Tip ~ Craft Room



Many of you would be shocked to see that this is My Craft Room. I am always organized and ready to go, but this is a real mess. This is what happens when you make 115 Christmas Cards.

Many of you would like to get back into Rubber Stamping and Paper Crafting as your New Year's Resolution. Maybe your messy Craft Room is holding you back.

It is hard to believe that it only took about an hour to clean this mess up.

The secret that I am going to share with you is……

a place for everything and everything in its place.

It always stresses me out when I only have a little time to Rubber Stamp and I can't find anything. It takes so much time to search for what I need. This cuts into my stamping time.

You could be in the same situation. That why I suggest to organize your Craft Room.

I purchased those Plastic Colored Sweater Containers and I keep all of the supplies I need to make a project in it.  When I am finished stamping for the day, I return all of the supplies back to the Plastic Colored Sweater Container. This helps keep your Craft Room tidy. The next time that you have a little bit of time to Rubber Stamp, you won't have to look for your supplies. This way you will have more time to stamp.

Don't worry if you don't have a Craft Room and your are stamping on your dinner room table, these organization tips will still work for you.

Now turn off the computer and go tidy up your Rubber Stamping area, where ever it is.

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