Happy Valentine’s Day!


1942 Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day is all about LOVE and I can't think of 2 people that loved each other more then my Grandparents, Edith and Phillip Jones.

Due to circumstances they couldn't marry until later in life, but they were loved each other very much.

Phil doted on Nanny like she was the Queen of England, who they admired very much.

When Phil passed away and we were cleaning out his Den, we came across an old green tackle box that contained all of the cards that Nanny gave to him. These cards meant everything to him.

As you can see they are preserved perfectly. He kept them all in the original envelopes. Some of the envelopes have the address on them, because Nanny had to mail them to him. She even mailed parcels/cards to him when he was overseas in World War II. Phil kept the Butcher Paper and twine that Nanny sent a book to him when he was overseas.

It is hard to believe that this card is dated 1942. That would make this card 69 years old. It is hard to tell from the photo, but the Heart, Leaves, and the Butterfly have glitter on them.

Phil showed me the true meaning of cards. How they touch people's lives and mean so much to others. Maybe that is were I get my LOVE of cards from. So you could image what it would mean if you made the card yourself.

Hopefully they are together today in Heaven, where every day would be Valentine's Day for those two.

Don't forget to make a Valentine's Day Card for your special someone in your life. It could be your Honey, your kids, a special friend or even your dog. You should do your part the spread the LOVE. You never know, it just may make their day.

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