Card Stock ~ 5 Ways to Keep Card Stock from Fading


Card Stock Compartment Unit

Many of you may not realize that Stampin' Up! Card Stock may fade or change color due to light exposure.

You left your Card Stock next to a window, you will clean it up later. You go back a little while later and you noticed that the Card Stock has faded.

This happened to a package of Old Olive Card Stock that I left on my desk in my Craft Room ~ right by my open window.

All wasn't lost. The top sheet was only faded on one side, so I was able to use it as a layer and show the good side.

For this Tip of the Week ~ Protect your Card Stock by
1) Closing a drape or blind if there is a window close by.
2) Don't leave a bright lamp shining directly onto your Card Stock.
3) Store your Card Stock in a Compartment Unit (as shown). You could probably find smaller Compartment Units.
4) You could store your Card Stock in Paper Holder 8 1/2" x 11" #105527 or 12" x 12" #105528 (see on page 226 of the 2011-12 Idea Book & Catalogue). Paper Holders will keep your Card Stock organized, but you still have to store them away from direct lighting to prevent the edges from fading.
5) Some of my customers keep their Card Stock in hanging File Folders in File Cabinets

Remember to keep in mind the Cards or Paper Crafts that you have already made. You want to protect them too.

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