Watercolor Paper #105019~ Where Did They Go?


Watercolor Paper #122959

Q: I have been looking for the Smaller Watercolor Paper #105019 and all I can find is the Larger Sheets. Am I overlooking the Smaller Watercolor Paper?

A: The Smaller Watercolor Paper #105019 retired on Jun 30, 2011 and was replaced by the Larger Sheets of Watercolor Paper #122959. It is still the same great quality paper that you love, only in Larger Sheets ~ 5 Sheets in a package, measuring approx. 6" X 9" each.

The Larger Sheets of Watercolor Paper #122959 are perfectly sized to use with Stampin' Up! Letterpress Plates.

If you need a smaller size, you could always cut the Larger Sheets down to the size that you need. The old Watercolor Paper measured 3 3/4" x 5" in case you wanted to know.


Click here if you would like to purchase the Larger Sheets of Watercolor Paper #122959

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