12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletter (1/3 of the Way Through)

Nancy Fancy Stamping Twelve Weeks Of Christmas

Nancy Fancy Stamping 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletters is my Christmas Gift to you! I specially design Christmas Card Projects (Weeks #1 to #5), Gift Projects (Weeks #6 to #9) and Bags, Tags or Wrapping Projects (Weeks # 10 to #12) to help you get prepared for Christmas. The Christmas Projects will be delivered to your Inbox along with the step-by-step directions.
So you have missed a couple, that is OK, there is still a lot of fabulous Projects left to come. Sign up now and start by receiving Week #5 of the Nancy Fancy Stamping 12 Weeks of Christmas starting TOMORROW (Nov 4, 2020) through the following 8 weeks. This is an exclusive gift to Nancy Fancy Stamping Newsletter Subscribers.

Are you are already on the Nancy Fancy Stamping Ink Subscription list? Are you enjoying the 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletters, so far? If you haven’t seen any yet, contact me at nancy@nancyfancystamping.com and we’ll straightened it out.

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