Customer Q&A ~ Broken SNAIL Adhesive Tape (#104332)


SNAIL Adhesive
Q: I was using my SNAIL Adhesive #104332 and the tape broke. Is it ruined?

A: No, it isn't ruined. When you were using SNAIL Adhesive #104332, the Double-sided Tape must have stuck to the Plastic Dispenser. If you didn't notice that it was stuck and tried to use it, it will break.

You may have tried to use it upside down. There is a row of groves that should be on top. This is where your index finger goes while you are using the SNAIL Adhesive #104332. There is a little plastic door that flips close to keep the Doubled-sided Tape from getting dirty when the SNAIL Adhesive #104332 isn't being used.

The SNAIL Adhesive #104332 comes in 2 parts ~ the black part and the clear plastic part that holds the Double-sided Tape. Take these 2 parts apart and check to see where the Double-sided Tape is stuck. Gently un-stick it and clean away any Doubled-sided Tape that may remain where it shouldn't be.

Next, take a piece of Masking Tape and cut it to match the width of the Doubled-sided Tape. Join together where the tape broke.

Put the SNAIL Adhesive Dispenser back together. Ensuring that the finger grove is on top, roll off a couple of inches, to test the SNAIL Adhesive Dispenser. Go slowly, so you can stop if it breaks again and to make sure that it is working properly.

Remember, when you run out of SNAIL Adhesive #104332, DO NOT throw away the black part. The next time you purchase the SNAIL Adhesive Refill #1044331 and you will snap it into the black part. Keeping the black part and buying the SNAIL Adhesive Refill #1044331 will save you money in the future.

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