Tuesday’s Tool Tip ~ Letterpress Plates


Lots of Love Letterpress Plate #120983

Letterpress Plates takes you back to the way the printing started. Ink on the dies and pressed into the paper.
You can create the elegance of the Letterpress with the ease of the Big Shot Die Cutting Machine (#113439)

Letterpress Plates are available in to designs ~ Heart Pressed #121814 and Lots of Love #120983. Both are approximately 8" x 5-7/8" x 1/4". They can be found on page 7 of the 2011 Occasions Mini Catalogue.

1) For best results, use Pigment Ink, such as Craft Stampin' Ink. The Dye-Based or Classic Stampin' Ink doesn't lay down evenly on the Letterpress Plate or transfer evenly to the paper.
2) Do not apply too much ink, or your image won't look crisp.
3) You can use a Stampin' Spot, a Stampin' Pad, or a Brayer to apply the ink.
4) If you want to apply different colors of ink to one plate, it's easier to use a Stampin' Spot. Simply dab the Stampin' Spot on the plate.
5) If you want to apply one color of ink to the entire plate, you can also use the Large Un-Inked Craft Stampin' Pad #122265, filled with the Craft Stampin' Ink Refill of your choose, applying the ink from the pad directly to the Letterpress Plate.
6) If you want to apply one color of ink to the entire plate, it might be easier to use a Brayer #102395 to apply the ink evenly. A Brayer is also helpful if you want to create multiple projects because it allows you re-ink the plate quickly. Simply ink the Large Un-Inked Craft Pad with the Craft Stampin' Ink, ink the Brayer thoroughly using the Craft Stampin' Pad, and roll the Brayer across your Letterpress Plate.
7) Because the Letterpress Plate emboss so deeply into the paper, they press into extremely small recessed areas, such as scratches in the Cutting Pads. For best results, it is recommended that you use a Cutting Pad that is relatively new or unscratched.
8) Letterpress work well on Card Stock and other paper. Porous Paper (such as Watercolor Paper #105019) or paper with weakened fibers (such as Textured Card Stock) will create a deeper impression.
9) Make sure that you test materials before creating your projects to ensure you get the results you want.

1) You apply the Craft Stampin' Pad directly to the Letterpress Plate.
2) Open the Multipurpose Platform to Tab #1. Place the inked Letterpress Plate face-up on the Multipurpose Platform.
3) Place your paper on the Letterpress Plate.
4) Place a Standard Cutting Pad on top of the paper. Remember to use a Cutting Pad that has few or no scratches.
5) Run the "Sandwich" through the Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine.


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